Prepare Tomorrow's Global Citizens. Educational School Tours.

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Through international travel experiences, Educating Adventures is helping schools prepare tomorrow's global citizens.

Educating Adventures organise bespoke educational school tours to help each student explore a world of exciting possibilities.

Whether you want to inspire tomorrow's political leaders, scientists or scholars, Educating Adventures can tailor a unique school trip for you.

Become a Qualified Ski or Snowboard Instructor. Internships & Courses.

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Ski & Snowboard Instructor Training Courses in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland & the USA.

EA Ski & Snowboard Training remains focused on offering the best winter experience on the planet and making it easy for people to become instructors.

There are lots of shiny options on the market but only with EA Ski & Snowboard can you be sure you will get the goods when it comes to becoming an instructor.

Become a Qualified Mountain Bike Instructor. Internships & Courses.

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EA Mountain Bike Training is a natural concept progression and flow in partnership with EA Ski & Snowboard Training. Where Mountain Bike Instructor Training & the Summer Season is the main focus vs Ski / Snowboard instructor Training & the Winter Season.

Offering a Mountain Bike Instructor Internship Course in Revelstoke, Canada and a Mountain Bike Instructor Training Course in Queenstown, New Zealand. Both beautiful and scenic places for an overseas adventure experience or gap year during a Summer Season. | Educating Adventures™ | All Rights Reserved 2004–2024